Human Energy Systems | Activity 5.3

Target Student Performance

Students explain how different personal activities (energy scenarios) lead to CO2 emissions.

Resources Provided


Print the 5.3 Energy Scenarios Cards. You will need to cut these apart before class. You may want to laminate them first in order to make them last longer. Prepare one copy of 5.3 Energy Scenarios Placemat for each pair of students. Prepare a computer and projector for the 5.3 Energy Scenarios PPT.


1. Use the instructional model to show students where they are in the course of the unit.

Show slide 2 of the 5.3 Energy Scenarios PPT.


During the presentation of the energy scenarios, help the students identify any instances of “rule breaking.” Do the students confuse matter and energy? Do they ever suggest that matter can turn into energy? Do they suggest that energy can disappear? If so, remind them to have a look at the rules and see how their accounts of energy in their scenarios match or don’t match.

  • Have a pre-made list of forms of energy that students can pick from.
  • Strategically form groups.

Read and explain the energy scenarios as a class instead of in groups.

Extending the Learning

Have students develop their own energy scenarios and share their interpretations of them with the class.