(Optional) Activity 3.4: What Happens to Soil Carbon? (30 min)


1. Introduce students to the “extensions” in this Activity: a video.

Tell students that in this activity, they will be think about what happens to the carbon that ends up in the soil through death, feces, and defecation.


During this activity, check to see if students are making connections between the cycling of matter between pools they learned in previous activities with the content of the video.


Watch the video a few times to help students become familiar with the content.

  • Allow students to watch the video on personal devices so they can pause and re-play parts of the video as needed while independently completing questions on the 3.4 Food Webs Video Worksheet.
  • Combine students into strategic groups and have them watch the video together and complete the 3.4 Food Webs Video Worksheet as a group before sharing ideas with the class.

Instead of using the 3.4 Food Webs Video Worksheet, have students discuss the video as a whole class afterwards.

Extending the Learning

Have students write and perform their own skit or song that models matter and energy cycling in an ecosystem.