Activity 5.2: Ecosystem Products and Services Jigsaw (50 min)

Target Student Performance

Students explain how humans manage matter cycling and energy flow in specific ecosystems to produce products that they need (beef, corn, forest).

Resources You Provide

Resources Provided

Recurring Resources


Prepare one copy of 5.2 Reading and corresponding 5.2 Worksheet for each student with one third of the students receiving the reading and corresponding worksheet for each ecosystem. Prepare a computer with a projector to display the 5.2 Ecosystem Products and Services Jigsaw PPT.


1. Use the instructional model to show students where they are in the course of the unit.


Use 5.2 Grading Ecosystem Products and Services Worksheet to grade the worksheet.

  • Hand out the 5.2 Ecosystem Products and Services Readings strategically to form strong groups.
  • Give all readings to all student so that students can read along as other groups present their results.
  • Students could highlight important information in the reading individually before joining with their partner or group.
  • Have groups present their findings orally to the whole class, rather than using the jigsaw model.
  • Use 5.2 Ecosystem Products and Services Worksheets as a review for the test. Have students complete all three before the test.
Extending the Learning

Have students read the articles and/or watch the videos listed in the Digging Deeper sections of the 5.2 Ecosystem Products and Services Readings.