Activity 5.3b: Ecosystem Posters (40 min)

You should choose either Activity 5.3a or Activity 5.3b. Both activities involve students in making posters about ecosystems. In Activity 5.3a, the posters do not include disturbances and their effects; in Activity 5.3b, they do making it appropriate for students who completed Lesson 4.

Target Student Performance

Students use posters to explain matter cycling, energy flow, ecosystem services, and effects of disturbances in a different ecosystem.

Resources You Provide

  • Poster paper or boards (1 per group)

Resources Provided


Print one copy of the 5.3a Ecosystem Posters Handout for each group. Prepare a computer and projector to display the 5.3b Ecosystem Posters PPT.


1. Use the instructional model to show students where they are in the course of the unit.

Display slide 2 of the 5.3b Ecosystem Review PPT.


Students should be able to respond to the questions for their ecosystem on their poster. They should recognize how carbon cycles and energy flows. They should also be able to identify ecosystem products and services and tradeoffs for management of those services.

  • Strategically select ecosystems for specific groups.
  • Have students attempt to answer the questions about their ecosystem individually before joining with the group to discuss and create the poster.
  • Have groups present their posters in front of the class rather than have groups rotate through each poster.
Extending the Learning