Decomposers | Pre-Lesson - Bread Mold Investigation Setup


Students set up an investigation in preparation for the Decomposers Unit. Bread and mold will be ready to use in about seven days.

Guiding Question

What happens when bread molds?

Activities in this Lesson

  • Pre-Activity 0.1: Investigation Set Up (30 min)

Unit Map

Decomposers Pre-Lesson Unit Map

Target Performances


Target Performance

Activity 0.1: Investigation Set Up

Students will make initial measurements of the combined mass of a slide of bread and a Petri dish and leave the bread to mold.

NGSS Performance Expectations

This lesson helps students start thinking about all of the unit NGSS performance expectations but does not feature a mastery of any of them.

Three-dimensional Learning Progression

Pre-Lesson should be conducted at least seven days before you plan to begin the Decomposers Unit.