The Carbon TIME Library contains a variety of resources that are useful for teachers and are linked to units and professional development materials. They are listed below.

  1. Unit-specific resources. These resources provide overviews and information about the goals, organization, and research base for each unit.
  2. Cross-unit teaching tools. These resources include (a) student-facing tools or resources that are used in multiple units, and (b) teacher-facing explanations of how to use those tools.
  3. Recurring features and strategies. Including teaching routines, with rationales, key elements, and options.
  4. Assessment educator resources resources. These resources explain purposes and uses of the Carbon TIME assessment system.
  5. Professional development resources. Designed to prepare teachers to use Carbon TIME resources for the first time and learn from teaching experiences
  6. General resources. Resources explaining general approaches and strategies for Carbon TIME units, assessments, professional development, and research.