Plants Activity 5.1 Overview

Target Student Performance

Students “zoom in” to the structure and function of a potato plant’s systems and cells, tracing atoms and energy.

Resources You Provide

Resources Provided

Recurring Resources


Print one copy of the Potato 11 x 17 Poster, and gather 5 pennies and 1 nickel for every pair of students. Print and cut apart 5.1 Soil Minerals for Tracing the Process of Potatoes Growing. Print one copy of the 5.1 Tracing Atoms and Energy in Plants Worksheet for each student. Print one copy of Tracing the Process of Potatoes Growing: Biosynthesis Directions for each student or pair of students. Prepare a computer and a projector to display the PPT and video. Print and hang the Digestion and Biosynthesis 11 x 17 Posters, and the Metabolic Pathways Poster.