Plants Activity 4.1 Assessment


Listen to students’ ideas about how plants get energy to move. Are they able to make connections to the results from the Plants in the Dark Investigation? Are they able to make connections to their experiences with the molecular modeling of cellular respiration?

If you had students complete the molecular modeling part of this activity, use 4.1 Grading the Molecular Models for Cellular Respiration Worksheet to get a sense of students’ initial ideas and explanations about cellular respiration in plants. Students should be able to follow instructions and complete the worksheet correctly, so it is reasonable to grade this worksheet.


  • You may want to display the results from the investigations from Lesson 3.
  • Have students record their ideas about how plants get energy to move on individual posters.
  • You may want to laminate the Molecular Models 11 x 17 Placemat. These will be used multiple times in each unit.
  • If you choose to do the optional molecular models piece, stress that although we are using twist ties to represent energy, energy is actually not made of matter/molecules!