Animals Activity 3.2 Tab 1

Target Student Performance

Students record data about changes in mass and BTB when mealworms eat, move, and grow and reach consensus about patterns in their data.

Resources You Provide

  • bromothymol blue (BTB) solution (less than 1 cup per group of four students
  • digital balance (1 per group of four students)
  • mealworms (10-15 grams, approximately 100-150 mealworms per group of four students)
  • plastic Petri dish (1 per group of four students)
  • sealable, 9.5 cup container (1 per group of four students)
  • small container to hold mealworms (1 per group of four students)
  • thick slice of potato (food for mealworms) (1 per group of four students)
  • (From previous lesson) 3.1 Predictions and Planning Tool for Mealworms Eating with student answers

Resources Provided

Recurring Resources


Prepare the BTB, mealworms, Petri dishes, potatoes, containers, and safety glasses for students to retrieve for their groups. Use the instructions on the BTB Information and Instructions Handout for details about how to prepare the BTB. If you plan to use the poster to record student data, print the poster before class. Print one copy of 3.2 Observing Mealworms Eating Worksheet for each student. Prepare a computer with an overhead projector to display the 3.2 Observing Mealworms Eating PPT and video. You may want to print one copy of the BTB Color Handout for each group, but this is optional.