HES Activity 4.2 Differentiation


Have students read in pairs and discuss Questions, Connections, Questions with their partners.

Extending the Learning
  • Have students record different ways they use fossil fuels in one day of their lives and bring their journals to class. Check to see if they make the connection that using electricity uses fossil fuels (assuming the electricity comes from a coal-fired power plant). At this point in the unit, they may not be able to make this connection, but it could serve as a way to introduce the idea for later discussion.
  • Have students research things that are made using fossil fuels and make a list of products. They might be surprised how many things they use every day are made from oil and petroleum!
  • The overview of fossil fuel formation is very short in this Lesson. As an extension activity, have students research in more detail how different fossil fuels are formed, how they are extracted from the Earth, and how we use them.