HES Lesson 2 Overview


Using a jigsaw activity, students discuss generalizability, representation, and short-term variability using four different large-scale data sets related to climate change: global temperature, sea level rise, long-term atmospheric CO2 concentration, and short-term atmospheric CO2 annual cycle.

Guiding Question

What is happening to global temperature, atmospheric carbon dioxide, and sea level?

Activities in this Lesson

  • Activity 2.1: Home Groups: Four Considerations for Large-Scale Data (45 min)
  • Activity 2.2: Expert Groups: Analysis of Large-Scale Data (45 min)
  • Activity 2.3: Home Groups: Share Expertise (60 minutes)
  • Activity 2.4: Evidence-Based Arguments for Patterns in Earth Systems (30 min)

Unit Map

Human Energy Systems Lesson 2 Map