Ecosystems Lesson 1 Learning Goals

Target Student Performance


Target Performance

Lesson 1 – Pretest and Features of Ecosystems (students as questioners)

Activity 1.1: Ecosystems Unit Pretest

Students show their initial proficiencies for the overall unit goal: Questioning, investigating, and explaining how carbon cycles and energy flows in ecosystems.

Activity 1.2: Expressing Ideas and Questions for Patterns in Ecosystems

Students ask and record specific questions about changes in matter and energy in response to the unit driving question: How many foxes can live in a meadow?

Activity 1.3: Carbon Pools

Students identify where carbon atoms are located in ecosystems and groups of organisms that have similar functions (carbon pools).

NGSS Performance Expectations

This lesson helps students start thinking about all of the NGSS performance expectations for this unit but does not focus on their mastery on of any of them.