Decomposers Lesson 4 Overview

Students learn and use a scientific model to explain cellular respiration in decomposers using the Three Questions. They relate the rearrangement of atoms in cellular respiration to energy release and learn that most of the mass of decaying materials is lost to the air as a result of cellular respiration in decomposers.

Guiding Question

How do decomposers use food to move and function?

Activities in this Lesson

  • Activity 4.1: Molecular Models for Decomposers Moving And Functioning: Cellular Respiration (40 min)
    • Note: The steps that have students construct molecular models in this activity are optional if students did molecular modeling for cellular respiration in another unit and performed well on the pretest for items related to cellular respiration.
  • Activity 4.2: Explaining How Decomposers Move and Function: Cellular Respiration (40 min)

Unit Map

Decomposers Lesson 4 Unit Map