Decomposers Activity 3.1 Overview

Target Student Performance

Students (a) develop hypotheses about how matter moves and changes and how energy changes when bread molds and (b) make predictions about how they can use their investigation tools—digital balances and BTB—to detect movements and changes in matter.

Resources You Provide

Resources Provided

Recurring Resources


Print one copy of 3.1 Predictions and Planning Tool for Bread Molding for each student. Prepare a computer and projector to display the PPT and the video. Print one copy of the Three Questions 11x17 Poster and display it on your classroom wall. Print one copy of the Three Questions Handout for each student. Retrieve the materials from Activity 1.2. This may include a ppt slide from the lesson in which you typed students’ responses or a photograph of their sticky notes as well as the students’ completed 1.2 Expressing Ideas and Questions for Bread Molding.