Plants Lesson 5 Overview

Students develop a story about how the high-energy glucose molecules created during photosynthesis are transformed into larger organic polymers during biosynthesis in plants.

Guiding Question

How can a potato plant make a potato?

Activities in this Lesson

Note: There are multiple pathways to choose from in Lessons 4-5. Please see the Plants Unit Read Me document, the Student Challenges and Teacher Choices in the Plants Unit document, and/or the Background Information section below for clarification in making this instructional decision.

  • Activity 5.1: Tracing the Process of Potatoes Growing: Biosynthesis (40 min)
  • Activity 5.2: Explaining How Plants Grow: Biosynthesis (40 min)
  • Activity 5.3: Explaining How Plants Grow: Biosynthesis (40 min)

Unit Map

unit map lesson 5