Plants Activity 3.2GL Overview

Target Student Performance

Students harvest their radish plants and dry down the plants and the paper towel or gel in preparation for Activity 3.4.

Resources You Provide

  • Tubes of radish plants from the Pre-Lesson (1 per student)
  • Digital scale (1 per group)
  • Small containers to collect gel from individual tubes to mass.
  • Small paper bags or envelopes for drying plants (1 per plant)
  • Sunny windowsill or drying oven (domestic ovens work at low settings)
  • Markers to label plants by student or group (1 per group)

Resources Provided


  • Each student or group of 4 students should have 1-2 tubes. For each group, provide a container to collect the gel that the students will extract from the plant roots. Unless you choose to dry out the gel, it will be discarded after the investigation.
  • Provide a paper towel, small paper bags, or envelopes (1 per plant), on which to place the plants to dry.
  • After the activity, students can assist with cleanup by rinsing out the plant test tubes.
  • Prepare your computer and projector for the 3.2GL Observing Plants’ Mass Changes, Part 1 PPT.
  • Print one copy per student of the 3.2GL Observing Plants’ Mass Changes, Part 1 Worksheet.