Plants Activity 3.1 Differentiation

  • Refer back to Systems & Scale or Animals Predictions and Planning Tool as a model
  • Strategic grouping with strong speakers
  • Provide sentence stems for discussion and filling in the predictions tool.
  • Read Three Questions Handout as a group by referring back to Systems & Scale or
  • Allow students to use personal devices to watch the plants growing videos. Allow for slowdown and playback.
  • Give examples of answers to the Three Questions and possibly post these as sentence stems for students.
  • Keep student predictions in a safe place (notebook or class file).

Document the thinking of the whole class on a large poster.

Extending the Learning
  • Have students plan and carry out their own investigations to answer the Three Questions. If groups get unreliable data, you may want to carry out the investigations as planned in this Unit, at least as a demonstration.
  • Have students review their notes about plant growth that they have been collecting since the Pre-Lesson. Discuss what is similar, different, or surprising about this method of growing plants compared to more familiar methods.