Plants Lesson 3 Overview

Students conduct an investigation about plants in the light and dark and about mass changes. The focus of this lesson is to make observations and prepare data to be used as evidence for their explanations in Lessons 4 and 5.

Guiding Question

What happens when plants are left in the light and in the dark, and where does a plant’s mass come from?

Activities in this Lesson

Note: There are two different pathways to choose from in Lesson 3. Please see the Plants Unit Front Matter and/or the Background Information section below for clarification in making this instructional decision.

  • Activity 3.1: Predictions and Planning about Radish Plants Growing (50 min)
  • Activity 3.2: (GL or PT): Observing Plants’ Mass Changes, Part 1 (30 min)
  • Activity 3.3: Observing Plants in the Light and Dark (60 min)
  • Activity 3.4: (GL or PT): Observing Plants’ Mass Changes, Part 2 (45 min)
  • Activity 3.5: Evidence-Based Arguments About Plants (50 min)

Unit Map

Plants Lesson 3 Unit Map