Plants Pre-Lesson 0.2PT Overview

Target Student Performance

Students will make initial measurements of the dry mass of radish seeds and growth media and start plants growing.

Resources You Provide

  • Small (e.g. 7X10 cm or ramekin) aluminum container (1 per student group)
  • 20 radish seeds (1 per student group)
  • 15 cm of cotton yarn (1 per student group)
  • Brown paper towel (1 roll or 2-3 sheets each student group) Note: brown, unbleached paper towel is required
  • Markers/masking tape to label containers (1 per student group)
  • A balance to measure masses (1 per student group)
  • Large trays with at least 5 cm sides to put the containers in and hold water.(enough for all containers per class)
  • Grow lights (highly recommended)
  • 1 L of water (for starting seeds)
  • 4 L of water with dilute nutrients. (E.g. Ionic Grow, Miracle Grow, etc.) for use once seeds have sprouted.

Resources Provided