Plants Pre-Lesson 1 Overview

Students set up an investigation in preparation for the Plants Unit. Plants will be ready to harvest about four weeks later.

Guiding Question

How does a plant gain mass?

Activities in this Lesson

Note: There are two different pathways to choose from in the Pre-Lesson. Please see the Plants Unit Read Me DocumentStudent Challenges and Teacher Choices in the Plants Unit document and/or the Background Information section below for clarification in making this instructional decision.

Gel Protocol (2-turtle)

    • Pre-Activity 0.1GL: Keeping Track of Water in Solids and Liquids (60 min + overnight or several days)
    • Pre-Activity 0.2GL: Plant Growth Investigation Setup (45-60 min over one or two days)

Paper Towel Protocol (1-turtle)

    • Pre-Activity 0.2PT: Plants Growth Investigation Setup (45-60 min)

Unit Map

Plants Pre-Lesson Unit Map