Animals Lesson 5 Tab 1

Students learn and use a scientific model to explain digestion and biosynthesis using the Three Questions.

Guiding Question

How do animals use food to grow?

Activities in this Lesson

  • Activity 5.1: Tracing the Processes of Cows Growing: Digestion and Biosynthesis (40 min)
  •  Activity 5.2: Molecular Models for Cows Growing: Digestion and Biosynthesis (40 min)
  • Note: The molecular modeling part of Activity 5.2 is exactly the same as the molecular modeling for biosynthesis in the Plants and Decomposers units. Additionally, it is a 2-turtle activity which means it involves a higher level of complexity. Consider skipping the activity if you have already taught it in another unit or if it is too advanced for your class.

  • Activity 5.3: Explaining How Cows Grow: Digestion (40 min)
  • Activity 5.4: Explaining How Cows Grow: Biosynthesis (40 min)

Unit Map

Unit Map Lesson 5