Animals Activity 3.2 Tab 4

  • Strategic grouping with strong speakers¬†
  • Read BTB handout together and call upon previous experiences
  • Have students explain aloud the experimental plan after reading it
  • Compare class data orally and on the spreadsheet

Have students develop the experimental design on their own using the tools provided. For example, students may choose to set up control treatments. For example:

  • A chamber with BTB and no mealworms or potato.
  • A chamber with a potato but no mealworms.
  • A chamber with mealworms but no potato.
Extending the Learning
  • If you have a hygrometer, consider measuring water content in the air after 24 hours.
  • Place all of the mealworms into a single container and leave overnight. Students can measure the temperature for evidence that heat energy is released.
  • Follow the same procedures to investigate other animals eating, such as crickets.