S&S Activity 5.5 Tab 2

Talk and Writing

At this stage in the unit, the students will be applying unit ideas that should be well-developed. This is an opportunity to practice those ideas an additional time. The table below shows specific talk and writing goals for this phase of the unit.

Talk and Writing Goals for the Application Phase

Teacher Talk Strategies That Support This Goal

Curriculum Components That Support This Goal

Treat this as an opportunity to practice unit ideas

We’ve learned a lot about combustion in this unit. Let’s see how these ideas apply here in our own community.


Listen for student ideas about matter and energy at different scales. Are they using unit ideas or informal reasoning?

How is this like or different from what we learned about burning ethanol?

What scale(s) do we need to consider answering this question?

Three Questions Poster from the unit

Help students practice using precise language to describe matter and energy at different scales.

Let’s think about what you just said: air molecules. What are air molecules?

Are you talking about matter or energy?

Remember: atoms can’t be destroyed. So, the atoms from the natural gas and oxygen must be going somewhere after they undergo combustion in the furnace. What molecules do those atoms end up in? Where are they going?

Let’s look at the molecule poster again… is carbon an atom or a molecule?

Molecule Poster

Three Questions Poster