S&S Activity 4.5 Tab 4


If time allows, have students revisit their initial predictions and planning tools from Activity 4.1. Comparing their early predictions to their final explanations may show a greater change in their thinking over time.

The Three Questions Explanation Checklist on the back of the Three Questions Handout

  • Students refer to the checklist as they are constructing their explanations.
  • Students use the checklist as they are sharing and revising their explanations with a partner.
  • Students use the checklist to critique and revise their final explanations.
  • Students use the checklist to critique the example explanations for each unit.
  • Students use the checklist to create and/or evaluate a whole-class consensus explanation.

We recommend using this checklist with a gradual release. As students improve in their ability to write their own explanations, they may rely on the checklist less.


  • Make sure students understand that the chemical energy in ethanol (not ethanol itself) is converted to heat and light energy.
  • Make sure that students discuss and understand all three columns of the Three Questions 11x17 Poster or Three Questions Handout. They play a central role in all Carbon TIME units.
Extending the Learning

If students still have unanswered questions about flames, show the Alda Kavlie Learning Center 'What is a Flame?' video challenge winner (https://www.aldacenter.org/practice/flame-challenge/what-is-a-flame ).