S&S Activity 3.3 Tab 4



  • Have the students store their 3.3 Evidence-Based Arguments Tool for Soda Water Fizzing in the same place as their Expressing Ideas and Questions and Predictions and Planning tools so they can be easily revisited.
  • Because this is the first time students will use the Evidence-Based Arguments Process Tool, review the questions ahead of time so they understand the purpose and structure of the tool.
Extending the Learning
  • Students can return to a discussion of other situations where bubbles form and leave liquids, such as the bubbles that form when water is boiled, when baking powder or Alka-Seltzer are dissolved in water, or when vinegar and baking soda are mixed. How does what they have learned about soda water affect their ideas and questions about those situations?
  • Use cobalt chloride indicator paper to test for the presence of water after soda water fizzing activity.