S&S Lesson 3 Tab 1


Students investigate changes in mass and CO2 concentration for soda water fizzing. Then they explain results using molecular models and chemical equations to answer the Movement Question and the Matter Change Question.

Guiding Question

What happens when soda water loses its fizz?

Activities in this Lesson

Note: Lesson 3 is optional depending on
your knowledge of your students and learning goals. This lesson is recommended for middle schoolers to introduce them to using investigations, molecular models, and chemical equations to describe a simple chemical change. See the Systems and Scale Unit Read Me file for more information to consider when making this choice.

  • Activity 3.1: Predictions about Soda Water Fizzing (20 min)
  • Activity 3.2: Observing Soda Water Fizzing (30 min)
  • Activity 3.3: Evidence-Based Arguments about Soda Water Fizzing (45 min)
  • Activity 3.4: Molecular Models for Soda Water Fizzing (45 min)
  • Activity 3.5: Explaining Soda Water Fizzing (40 min)

Unit Map

Unit Map for Lesson 3