S&S Lesson 2: Overview

Students view the Powers of Ten video and discuss how all systems can be described at multiple scales. Then students learn that atoms last forever in physical and chemical changes. Finally, students practice using a digital balance and BTB, key tools in Carbon TIME units.

Guiding Question

What do materials look like at smaller and smaller scales?

Activities in this Lesson

Note: Activity 2.2 is optional depending on the academic level of your students. See the Systems and Scale Unit Read Me file for more information to consider when making this choice.

  • Activity 2.1: Powers of Ten Video and Discussion (30 min)
  • (Optional) Activity 2.2: From Big to Small (30 min)
  • Activity 2.3: Zooming into Air (30 min)
  • Activity 2.4: Atoms and Molecules Quiz and Discussion (20 min)
  • Activity 2.5: Using a Digital Balance and BTB (30 min)

Unit Map

Unit Map for Lesson 2